Vutility HotDrop XL 400 Amp Max


Energy monitoring device provides minute-by-minute energy consumption data up to 400 Amps Self-powered and easy to install without the need for external batteries or wires Real-time data transmission over long distances via LoRaWAN protocol Secure data transmission with dual-cipher encryption Delivers real-time, circuit-level data to any end application via API


Use Case Applications:

Energy monitoring: Monitors energy consumption for various assets, such as buildings, equipment, and vehicles. This data can be used to identify areas where energy is wasted and make changes to improve efficiency. Compliance: Collects data required for compliance with various regulations, such as those related to energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions. Asset management: Tracks the performance of assets, such as equipment and vehicles. This data can be used to identify assets that need maintenance or replacement. Security: Monitors energy usage for security purposes. This data can be used to identify unusual energy consumption patterns, which could indicate a security breach.

Additional information

Brand Vutility
Model HotDrop XL 400 Amp
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