Soter Technologies FlySense Enhanced Vaping & Elevated Sound Detector


Real-time vape and sound anomaly detection with instant SMS/email notifications Air quality monitoring, including detection of THC, Nicotine, and other vaping products Gain control of areas where you cannot place a camera or microphone. FlySense® devices seamlessly integrate with camera systems (VMS) Tampering Detection | Tampering Beeper Added


Use Case Applications:

Schools and Universities: FlySense can be installed in places like restrooms, locker rooms, or hallways where there is a lot of student activity but little supervision. Workplaces: Employers can use FlySense to ensure a safe and healthy working environment by discouraging vaping in non-designated areas. Public Places: The sensor can deter the use of vaping products in public places, and the noise detection feature can add an extra layer of security by detecting potential incidents of violence or vandalism.

Additional information

Brand Soter
Model FS286
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