DecentLab Legacy Soil Moisture, Temperature Sensor


Measures soil moisture levels Measures soil temperature Durable and long-lasting design Easy to install and use Provides accurate and reliable data for precision agriculture and environmental monitoring Helps optimize irrigation and crop management strategies


Use Case Applications:

Agriculture: The DecentLab Legacy Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor can be used in agriculture to monitor soil moisture levels and temperature, which can help farmers optimize irrigation and fertilization schedules, leading to improved crop yields and reduced water usage. Landscaping: Landscaping companies can use this sensor to monitor soil moisture levels and temperature in lawns, gardens, and other outdoor spaces. This can help them determine when to water plants and when to adjust irrigation systems, leading to healthier plants and reduced water waste. Environmental Monitoring: The DecentLab Legacy Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor can also be used for environmental monitoring applications, such as monitoring soil moisture levels in forests or wetlands. This can help researchers and conservationists better understand the health of ecosystems and make informed decisions about land management practices.

Additional information

Brand DecentLab
Model 5TM
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
IP Rating IP67
Certification CE