Milesight Magnetic Contact Switch WS301


LoRaWAN magnetic contact switch sensor 100% Wire-Free Simple Installation 4~7 Years Battery Life


Use Case Applications:

Office Security: Installed on office entrances and sensitive areas like server rooms or file cabinets. The sensor would alert security personnel whenever unauthorized access or movement is detected, helping prevent data theft or vandalism. Retail Loss Prevention: Attached to high-value products or display cases. If an item is moved or a case is opened, store management would be instantly notified, helping to deter and detect theft. Manufacturing Plant Safety: In manufacturing environments, the sensor can be used to monitor access to hazardous areas or machinery. If a door or safety barrier is opened, the sensor would trigger an alert, helping to ensure workplace safety regulations are adhered to.

Additional information

Brand Milesight
Model WS301
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
IP Rating IP20