Adeunis Pulse ATEX Sensor


ATEX certified Wireless sensor Measures temperature and humidity Long battery life Can be used in hazardous environments Easy to install and configure Provides real-time data monitoring


Use Case Applications:

Industrial safety: The Adeunis Pulse ATEX Sensor can be used in hazardous environments to monitor various parameters such as temperature, pressure, and humidity. This can help ensure the safety of workers and prevent accidents. Asset tracking: The sensor can be used to track the location and condition of assets such as vehicles, machinery, and equipment. This can help companies optimize their operations and reduce costs by improving asset utilization and maintenance. Environmental monitoring: The sensor can be used to monitor environmental conditions such as air quality, water quality, and noise levels. This can help companies comply with regulations and improve their sustainability efforts.

Additional information

Brand Adeunis
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
IP Rating IP67
Certification ATEX;CE