Elexa Water Leak IP67


Identifies and alerts to potential water leaks to avoid damage and revenue loss Installation is simple and requires no special tools or expertise Continuously detects the presence of water, with as few as three drops detected Detects leaks in a variety of environments, including under sinks, behind toilets, and in mechanical rooms Prevents the costly effects of water damage on day-to-day operations in commercial settings such as hotels, hospitals, schools, and office buildings


Use Case Applications:

Commercial buildings: Install the Elexa Water Leak Detection Sensor in mechanical rooms, under sinks, and behind toilets to detect water leaks in office buildings, hospitals, schools, and hotels. Data centers: Data centers rely on sensitive electronic equipment, making water leaks a significant risk. The Elexa Water Leak Detection Sensor can help prevent costly water damage and downtime by detecting leaks quickly. Warehouses: Water leaks can cause significant damage to warehouses, resulting in inventory and revenue loss. The Elexa Water Leak Detection Sensor can be installed in areas prone to water damage, including near sprinkler systems. Food Services: Restaurants rely on well-functioning kitchens and equipment. A water leak can cause extensive damage to kitchen appliances, floors, and walls. The Elexa Water Leak Detection Sensor can monitor kitchens and alert staff to any leaks to prevent damage and downtime. Medical facilities: Water leaks can jeopardize the safety of healthcare facilities and patients’ health. To prevent damage and ensure the safety of patients and staff, the Elexa Water Leak Detection Sensor can be installed in critical areas such as operating rooms, storage areas, and patient rooms.

Additional information

Brand Elexa
Model LWGLD1
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
IP Rating IP67