Dragino PS-LB-NA LoRaWAN Analog Sensor


LoRaWAN analog sensor 5v and 12v output for powering devices. 4~20mA and 0~30v input interfaces for obtaining data from Analog Sensors. Converts Analog Value to LoRaWAN wireless data for transmission to an IoT platform. Utilizes LoRa wireless technology for long-distance communication at low data rates. Supports BLE configuration and wireless OTA updates for easy setup and maintenance.


Use Case Applications:

Environmental Monitoring: Collect data from analog sensors measuring parameters such as temperature, humidity, air quality, or water quality. Energy Management: Can be used to monitor energy consumption by connecting to analog sensors on power meters or energy monitoring devices. This data can be used to identify energy-saving opportunities, optimize energy usage, and reduce costs.

Additional information

Brand Dragino
Model PS-LB-NA
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