Milesight WS523 Portable Socket


Remotely turn on/off the electrical appliance from your mobile phone Create schedules to turn the remote appliances on/off automatically Power consumption measurement and flexible schedule settings would help to save power and lower electric bills Overload protection prevents connected appliances from damage of overcurrent Equipped with capacitor for power outage alert Ultra-wide-distance wireless transmission up to the line of sight of 15 km WS523 can handle AC power input ranging from 85V to 265V


Use Case Applications:

Industrial Automation: Controls and monitors industrial machinery. The socket can be linked to pumps, motors, and conveyor belts to turn them on or off, modify their speed, or get alerts for problems. Smart Agriculture: Remotely manage and monitor irrigation systems, fans, and lighting. Farmers can use the socket to manage greenhouse temperature and humidity, irrigation systems, and lighting to maximize crop development. Smart Building Management: Controls building energy use. Remotely controlling lighting, HVAC systems, and other electrical equipment saves energy and money. Building managers can optimize maintenance schedules by monitoring equipment usage.

Additional information

Brand Milesight
Model WS523
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
Certification FCC