Milesight EM320-TILT Tilt Sensor


LoRaWAN Tilt Sensor Built-in MEMS accelerometer sensor to measure the 3-axis angles of any objects Flexible threshold condition settings, suitable for different kinds of applications Easy to install, suitable for various types of objects such as trees, poles, grounds, etc. IP67 waterproof enclosure for outdoor applications Anti-theft design on the back cover to secure firm and sturdy installation Ultra-wide-distance wireless transmission up to 15 km line of sight


Use Case Applications:

Infrastructure Monitoring: Can be used for real-time monitoring of structural tilts in buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure projects. Equipment Safety: Ideal for ensuring safety in operating heavy machinery, cranes, or any equipment where tilt could compromise safety. Geological Monitoring: Perfect for landslide monitoring and other geological applications where changes in tilt could signify potential hazards.

Additional information

Brand Milesight
Model EM320-TILT
Certification CE;FCC;FDA;LORA