Dutch Sensor System Ranos dB 2 Sound Sensor


High-precision sound sensor for accurate noise level measurements Wide frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz Compact and durable design for easy installation and long-term use Ideal for monitoring noise pollution in industrial, commercial, and residential settings Can be used for compliance testing with local noise regulations Optional accessories available for remote monitoring and data logging.


Use Case Applications:

Noise pollution monitoring in urban areas: The Ranos dB 2 sound sensor can be used to monitor noise levels in busy urban areas, such as near highways, airports, and construction sites. This information can be used by city planners and policymakers to make decisions about noise reduction measures and zoning regulations. Industrial noise monitoring: The sensor can also be used in industrial settings to monitor noise levels and ensure compliance with workplace safety regulations. This can help prevent hearing damage and other health issues for workers. Traffic management: The Ranos dB 2 can be used to monitor traffic noise levels and help identify areas where noise reduction measures may be necessary. This can help improve quality of life for residents living near busy roads and highways.

Additional information

Brand Dutch Sensor
Model Ranos dB 2
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
IP Rating IP67