Decentlab Dendrometer


A device for measuring tree growth Accurate and reliable data collection Wireless connectivity for remote monitoring Durable and weather-resistant design Easy to install and use Compatible with various tree species and sizes Cost-effective solution for forestry research and management


Use Case Applications:

Forest management: The Decentlab Dendrometer can be used to monitor the growth of trees in forests, allowing forest managers to make informed decisions about harvesting and replanting. Agriculture: The device can be used to monitor the growth of crops, allowing farmers to optimize irrigation and fertilizer use, and to predict yields. Research: The Decentlab Dendrometer can be used in scientific research to study the growth patterns of trees and plants, and to investigate the effects of environmental factors such as temperature and moisture on growth.

Additional information

Brand DecentLab
Model DL-ZN1-001
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
IP Rating IP67
Certification CE