Digital Matter Eagle 4G Battery-powered GPS With Max IO and Sensor Options


Battery-powered GPS device 4G connectivity for reliable tracking Max IO for flexible integration with other devices Long battery life for extended use Durable and weather-resistant design Real-time location tracking and geofencing capabilities Easy to install and use with intuitive software interface


Use Case Applications:

Fleet management: The Digital Matter Eagle 4G GPS tracker can be used to track and manage fleets of vehicles, providing real-time location data, route optimization, and driver behavior monitoring. This can help businesses reduce fuel costs, improve safety, and increase efficiency. Asset tracking: The Eagle 4G GPS tracker can also be used to track and monitor valuable assets such as construction equipment, trailers, and shipping containers. This can help businesses prevent theft, recover lost or stolen assets, and optimize asset utilization. Agriculture: The Eagle 4G GPS tracker can be used in agriculture to track and monitor livestock, crops, and equipment. This can help farmers optimize their operations, improve crop yields, and reduce losses due to theft or damage.

Additional information

Brand Digital Matter
Model EAGLE-4G
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
IP Rating IP67