Elexa Remote Sensor Probe GRSP2-4


Water leak detection remote sensor probe Sensor probe dimensions: 4′ (L) For use with Guardian Leak Detector (sold separately) Purchase multiple probes to extend the length of coverage


Use Case Applications:

Commercial buildings: Mechanical rooms, under sinks, and behind toilets for leak detection in offices, hospitals, schools, and hotels. Data centers: Prevent costly water damage and downtime by detecting leaks in sensitive electronic equipment areas. Warehouses: Protect inventory and revenue by installing the sensor near sprinkler systems and other water damage-prone areas. Food Services: Monitor kitchens with the sensor to prevent damage to appliances, floors, and walls from leaks. Medical facilities: Ensure patient and staff safety by installing the sensor in critical areas like operating rooms, storage areas, and patient rooms.

Additional information

Brand Elexa
Model GRSP2-4