Adeunis Field Test Device


Compact and portable device for testing and measuring LoRaWAN networks Measures signal strength, packet loss, and other network parameters Easy to use and can be operated by non-technical personnel Can be used for both indoor and outdoor testing It is a cost-effective solution for network operators and IoT device manufacturers to ensure the quality of their networks and devices


Use Case Applications:

Internet of Things (IoT) network testing and optimization: The Adeunis Field Test Device can be used to test and optimize IoT networks, ensuring that they are functioning properly and delivering the expected performance. Smart city infrastructure monitoring: The device can be used to monitor and manage various smart city infrastructure components, such as streetlights, traffic signals, and parking meters. This can help cities improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance public safety. Industrial automation and monitoring: The Adeunis Field Test Device can be used to monitor and control various industrial processes, such as manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain management. This can help businesses improve productivity, reduce downtime, and increase profitability.

Additional information

Brand Adeunis
Model FTD
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
Certification CE