Abeeway Compact Tracker


LoRaWAN asset tracker Motion Tracking: Real-time position at a given cycle when motion is detected Permanent tracking: Regular interval real-time position Fix on demand: Obtain tracker position when needed (very low power operating mode) Activity tracking: Monitor activity rate with embedded sensors Geozone detection: the capability to detect specific zones that matter for your processes


Use Case Applications:

Real-time tracking, status monitoring of heavy and light assets, vehicles, machines, and equipment, outdoors or in indoor industrial facilities. Activity monitoring based on motion for usage optimization, industrial control, and asset management Livestock tracking in large farms Optimization of supply chain and production, delivery, and inventory tracking Antitheft applications, notification, and location trigger when the device is moving, at fixed frequency updates, or on demand

Additional information

Brand Abeeway
Model Compact Tracker
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
IP Rating IP68
Certification FCC;IC;TELEC