Digital Matter Remora3 GPS Tracker on 4G LTE-M / NB-IoT with Bluetooth 5.2


GPS tracker with 4G LTE-M connectivity Long battery life for extended use Compact and durable design for outdoor use Real-time tracking and location updates for enhanced security and monitoring


Use Case Applications:

Fleet Management: The Digital Matter Remora3 GPS Tracker can be used to track and manage fleets of vehicles, such as delivery trucks, taxis, and rental cars. Fleet managers can use the device to monitor the location, speed, and route of each vehicle in real-time, as well as receive alerts for any unauthorized use or deviations from the planned route. Asset Tracking: The Remora3 can also be used to track and manage valuable assets, such as construction equipment, shipping containers, and high-value goods. The device can be attached to the asset and provide real-time location updates, as well as alerts for any unauthorized movement or tampering. Personal Safety: The Remora3 can be used as a personal safety device for lone workers, outdoor enthusiasts, and elderly or vulnerable individuals. The device can be worn as a pendant or attached to a keychain, and provide real-time location updates and emergency alerts in case of an accident or emergency situation.

Additional information

Brand Digital Matter
Model REMORA3-4G
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
IP Rating IP67