DecentLab High-precision Pressure/Liquid Level, Temperature And Electrical Conductivity


High precision pressure and liquid level measurement Accurate temperature sensing Electrical conductivity measurement capability Durable and reliable design Easy to integrate with existing systems Suitable for a wide range of applications User-friendly interface for data collection and analysis


Use Case Applications:

Water resource management:The high-precision pressure/liquid level, temperature and electrical conductivity sensors can be used to monitor water levels and quality in reservoirs, lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. This information can be used to optimize water usage, detect pollution, and prevent flooding. Agriculture:The sensors can be used to monitor soil moisture levels, temperature, and electrical conductivity, which are critical factors for crop growth. This information can be used to optimize irrigation, fertilization, and other farming practices, leading to higher crop yields and better quality produce. Industrial process control:The sensors can be used to monitor pressure, temperature, and electrical conductivity in various industrial processes, such as chemical manufacturing, oil and gas production, and food processing. This information can be used to optimize process parameters, improve product quality, and ensure safety and compliance with regulations.

Additional information

Brand DecentLab
Model DL-PR36CTD-001
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
IP Rating IP67
Certification CE