GlobalSat Panic Button


LoRaWAN-based panic button One button for both the power-on and Panic function Rechargeable battery Built-in three-axis accelerometer for motion detector Built-in BLE for beacon indoor positioning Durable and rugged design built to withstand harsh environments | Resistant to water and dust Can be easily attached to clothing or other objects for quick access in case of emergency Sends a panic alert signal when pressed, providing instant notification of the emergency


Use Case Applications:

Construction workers: Often work alone or in remote locations, where accidents can occur without immediate assistance. The GlobalSat Panic Button can be used to summon help in case of an accident or emergency quickly. Healthcare workers: Such as nurses or doctors in emergency rooms or who work alone in home healthcare or hospice settings can use the panic button to quickly call for assistance if they feel threatened or are in danger. Security personnel: Those who patrol large areas or work alone at night can use the panic button to alert backup in case of an incident. Delivery drivers: Delivery drivers who work alone and may be at risk of theft or violence can use the panic button to alert authorities in case of a dangerous situation. Field technicians: Field technicians who work alone in remote locations or must enter customers’ homes or businesses can use the panic button to call for help in an emergency or if they feel unsafe.

Additional information

Brand GlobalSat
Model MY-501H
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
IP Rating IP67
Certification FCC