Vutility HotDrop XL 1000 Amp Max


Energy monitoring provides energy consumption data up to 1000 Amps No batteries or wiring required | self-powered and easy to install Real-time data transmission over long distances via LoRaWAN protocol Your data is safe with two levels of encryption Gives real-time information from any circuit directly to your application through API


Use Case Applications:

Energy Tracking: Keep an eye on energy use in buildings, machines, and vehicles. Use this data to find and fix areas where too much energy is used. Compliance: Collects the necessary data to meet energy efficiency and greenhouse gas rules. Asset Management: Monitor how equipment and vehicles are running. Use this data to find out what needs repair or replacement. Security: Monitor energy use to keep your site safe. Unusual energy use could be a sign of a security problem.

Additional information

Brand Vutility
Model HotDrop XL 1000 Amp
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