Tektelic Water Leak Probe for Base Smart Room Sensor


Detects water leaks Compatible with Base Smart Room Sensor Easy to install Sends alerts to connected devices Helps prevent water damage Durable and long-lasting


Use Case Applications:

Building Management Systems: The Tektelic Water Leak Probe can be used in commercial buildings to detect water leaks and prevent damage to the building’s infrastructure. This can help building managers save money on repairs and maintenance costs. Data Centers: Data centers require a high level of protection against water damage, as even a small leak can cause significant damage to expensive equipment. The Tektelic Water Leak Probe can be used to detect leaks in data centers and alert IT staff to take action before any damage occurs. Industrial Facilities: Industrial facilities often have large amounts of water flowing through pipes and machinery, making them vulnerable to leaks. The Tektelic Water Leak Probe can be used to monitor these areas and detect leaks before they cause any damage to equipment or the facility itself.

Additional information

Brand Tektelic
Model Water Leak Probe