Skiply Multiservices Buttons


Provides feedback and triggers multiple actions in real time Robust wireless device | easy to install (vertical or horizontal mounting) “Proof of Presence” built-in technology to timestamp personnel interventions Battery operated with multi-year duration Waterproof (IP65) and resistant to extreme temperatures (-40°C to +60°C) Ultra compact dimensions (100x100x45 mm) Weight less than 200 g (excluding batteries)


Use Case Applications:

Retail Stores: Collect customer feedback on the shopping experience, product availability, and staff interactions to improve store operations and customer satisfaction. Restaurants and cafes: Gather real-time feedback on food quality, service speed, cleanliness, and ambiance, allowing management to make data-driven adjustments to improve the overall dining experience. Healthcare Facilities: Track patient satisfaction in terms of wait times, appointment scheduling, staff professionalism, and facility cleanliness to identify areas for improvement and streamline patient care. Hotels and Hospitality: Collect guest feedback on room quality, amenities, customer service, and overall satisfaction to continuously improve the guest experience and maintain high standards. Obtain commuter insights on cleanliness, safety, punctuality, and service quality to optimize transportation schedules and improve overall commuter satisfaction.

Additional information

Brand Skiply
Model Smilio Action SKPF170068
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
Certification CE