Sensative Strips Presence Sensor


LoRaWAN sensor that detects presence Can be used to trigger various automation actions Easy to install and set up Can be placed discreetly on doors, windows, or walls Low power consumption for long battery life Provides real-time notifications and alerts


Use Case Applications:

Smart building automation: The Sensative Strips Presence Sensor can be used to automate lighting, heating, and cooling systems in commercial buildings. The sensor can detect when people enter or leave a room, and adjust the temperature and lighting accordingly, helping to save energy and reduce costs. Retail analytics: The sensor can be used in retail stores to track customer traffic and behavior. By analyzing the data collected by the sensor, retailers can gain insights into customer behavior, such as which areas of the store are most popular, how long customers spend in certain areas, and which products are most frequently purchased. Security and access control: The Sensative Strips Presence Sensor can be used to monitor access to secure areas of a building, such as server rooms or storage areas. The sensor can detect when someone enters or leaves the area, and send alerts to security personnel if unauthorized access is detected.

The Sensative Strips Presence Sensor is a small, wireless sensor that can be easily installed on doors, windows, and other surfaces to detect the presence of people or objects. The sensor uses advanced technology to detect even the slightest movements, making it ideal for use in a variety of settings, including offices, warehouses, and retail stores.

One of the primary use cases for the Sensative Strips Presence Sensor is in security applications. The sensor can be used to detect when someone enters or exits a building, room, or restricted area, triggering an alarm or alerting security personnel. It can also be used to monitor the movement of valuable assets, such as equipment or inventory, helping to prevent theft or loss. Additionally, the sensor can be used in energy management applications, such as turning off lights or adjusting temperature settings when a room is unoccupied, helping to reduce energy costs and improve efficiency.

Additional information

Brand Sensative
Model Strips Presence
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Certification CE