Radio Bridge IP67 High-Precision Tilt Sensor


High-precision tilt measurement IP67 rated for outdoor use Wireless connectivity via Radio Bridge Long battery life Compact and durable design Easy installation and setup


Use Case Applications:

Structural monitoring: The Radio Bridge IP67 High-Precision Tilt Sensor can be used to monitor the tilt and movement of buildings, bridges, and other structures. This can help detect any potential structural issues and prevent accidents. Industrial automation: The tilt sensor can be used in industrial automation applications to monitor the position of machinery and equipment. This can help improve efficiency and prevent downtime by detecting any misalignments or malfunctions. Agriculture: The tilt sensor can be used in agriculture to monitor the angle of irrigation systems, ensuring that water is distributed evenly across crops. This can help improve crop yields and reduce water waste.

Additional information

Brand Radio Bridge
Model High Precision Tilt
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
IP Rating IP67
Certification FCC