Polysense External UV Sensor


LoRaWAN external UV detection sensor Detection wavelength of UV of 200nm~370nm Broad detection angle up to 130 degrees UV index output values High measurement accuracy, resolution of 0.001W/m² Low power consumption | 2x AA batteries | Up to 10-year battery life


Use Case Applications:

Sanitization: Utilizing UV light for sanitizing surfaces and air helps in curbing the propagation of pathogens and microorganisms. This technique assists in maintaining a disinfected environment within facilities. Quality Assurance: The detection of potentially harmful bacteria and impurities in consumables and other items is possible through UV light. By monitoring UV light intensity, the safety and quality of products can be maintained for consumption and utilization. Horticulture: The vitality of plant growth is greatly influenced by UV light. By fine-tuning indoor cultivation conditions, you can ensure that plants receive an optimal quantity of UV light for flourishing growth. Water Treatment: UV light plays a significant role in water purification, making it potable and safe for various uses.

Additional information

Brand Polysense
Model WXS8800-EXT048
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
IP Rating IP67
Certification FCC