Polysense CO2 Sensor


Accurate carbon dioxide monitoring for various commercial applications such as agriculture, indoor air quality management, and HVAC systems Ultra-low power consumption at 3.5 mW, with a 3.3 V power supply and peak current of 33 m High precision of ±3% within a full range of 50 ppm for accurate CO2 readings Long range of up to 18 km in line-of-sight conditions 5-10 year battery life IP67 enclosure rating for durability and protection


Use Case Applications:

Meteorological environment: CO2 sensors collect and preprocess data, transmitting information to a central coordinator for control and calibration. Greenhouse: CO2 sensors in intelligent greenhouses monitor environmental parameters, transmitting data to control modules for effective CO2 concentration management. Storage: CO2 sensors are used in grain, vegetable, fruit, and chemical storage facilities, maintaining gas composition to prevent pests and delay quality degradation. Air systems: CO2 sensors in fresh air systems at homes and convention centers help regulate and control indoor air quality. Cultivation: CO2 sensors monitor harmful gasses in farms ensuring safety and providing important reference data.

Additional information

Brand Polysense
Model WxS8800-043
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
IP Rating IP67
Certification FCC