Nova Mini Asset Tracker NMS825


Industrial GPS for reliable tracking using 4G LTE technology Quick and easy installation | 100% Waterproof IP65 rated Tracking: Sends real-time location and speed information S.O.S. Emergency Panic Button Mixed-Mode: SMS mode, intelligent Mode (check speed/time/distance), deep sleep mode (battery) Message Store & Forward: Up to 300 messages or alerts. Deep sleep power-saving mode Low battery warning * myDevices Data Plan Required with Purchase


Use Case Applications:

Fleet Management: Companies with vehicle fleets, such as trucking, delivery services, or taxis, can use this device to monitor vehicle locations, routes, and driving habits, thereby improving route efficiency, security, and customer service. Equipment Tracking: Construction, agriculture, and mining industries can use it to track the location of expensive machinery, prevent unauthorized use, and quickly locate them for maintenance or operations. Shipping and Logistics: It can be utilized in the shipping and logistics industry to track shipping containers, parcels, or other cargo. This allows for real-time tracking of goods and better management of supply chains. Rental Services: Rental businesses such as car rentals, equipment rentals, or boat rentals can use them to ensure their assets’ security and to monitor their proper use. Asset Protection: Businesses with high-value assets like jewelry, artwork, or sensitive documents can use this tracker to monitor their location and get alerts for any unexpected movement.

Additional information

Brand NOVA
Model NMS825
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