NKE Watteco Smart Plug


LoRaWAN smart plug that can be controlled remotely Can monitor energy consumption of connected devices Easy to install and use Can be scheduled to turn on/off at specific times Compact design that doesn’t block adjacent outlets Can be used to turn non-smart devices into smart ones


Use Case Applications:

Energy Management: The NKE Watteco Smart Plug can be used in commercial buildings to monitor and control energy consumption. This can help businesses reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint. Equipment Monitoring: The Smart Plug can be used to monitor the usage of equipment in commercial settings. This can help businesses identify inefficiencies and optimize their operations. Security: The Smart Plug can be used to control lighting and other devices remotely, which can help improve security in commercial buildings. For example, businesses can use the Smart Plug to turn on lights when no one is in the building to deter potential intruders.

Additional information

Brand NKE Watteco
Model Smart Plug
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
Certification CE