NKE Watteco Lev’O Level Sensor


Wireless level sensor Accurate measurement of liquid levels Long battery life Easy installation and maintenance Compatible with LoRaWAN network Suitable for various industries and applications Real-time monitoring and data analysis


Use Case Applications:

Water management: The NKE Watteco Lev’O Level Sensor can be used in commercial water management systems to monitor water levels in tanks, reservoirs, and other water storage facilities. This can help prevent overflows, leaks, and other water-related issues. Industrial automation: The sensor can be used in industrial automation systems to monitor the levels of various liquids, such as oil, chemicals, and other fluids. This can help ensure that machines and equipment are running smoothly and efficiently. Agriculture: The sensor can be used in agricultural applications to monitor water levels in irrigation systems, ponds, and other water sources. This can help farmers optimize their water usage and ensure that crops are getting the right amount of water.

Additional information

Brand NKE Watteco
Model Lev’O
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
IP Rating IP65
Certification CE