NKE Watteco Clos’O Open/Close Sensor


Sensor for detecting open and close status Wireless connectivity Long battery life Easy installation Compatible with LoRaWAN network Durable and weather-resistant design Ideal for monitoring doors, windows, and gates


Use Case Applications:

Security systems: The NKE Watteco Clos’O Open/Close Sensor can be used in security systems to detect when doors or windows are opened or closed. This can be useful in commercial buildings, warehouses, and other facilities where security is a concern. Inventory management: The sensor can also be used to track inventory in retail stores or warehouses. By monitoring when doors or cabinets are opened and closed, businesses can keep track of when items are being accessed and restocked. Energy management: The sensor can be used in energy management systems to monitor when doors or windows are opened and closed. This can help businesses optimize their heating and cooling systems, as well as reduce energy waste by ensuring that doors and windows are properly closed when not in use.

Additional information

Brand NKE Watteco
Model Clos’O
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
IP Rating IP65
Certification CE