Netvox Wireless Outdoor PM2.5/ Noise/Temperature/Humidity Sensor with a Solar Panel


Solar-powered multi-sensing device Outdoor use Noise, temperature, and humidity detection Rechargeable battery pack Low power consumption and long battery life


Use Case Applications:

Air Quality Monitoring: The Netvox Wireless Solar Panel Outdoor PM2.5/Noise/Temperature/Humidity Sensor can be used for monitoring air quality in commercial settings such as factories, warehouses, and construction sites. This can help businesses ensure that their employees are working in a safe and healthy environment. Environmental Monitoring: The sensor can also be used for monitoring environmental conditions in commercial settings such as greenhouses, farms, and vineyards. This can help businesses optimize their operations and ensure that their crops are growing in the best possible conditions. Smart Building Management: The sensor can be integrated into a smart building management system to monitor indoor air quality, temperature, and humidity levels. This can help businesses optimize energy usage and create a more comfortable and healthy environment for their employees and customers.

Additional information

Brand Netvox
Model R72623
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
Certification FCC