Netvox Wireless 3-Phase Current Meter with 3 x 75A Clamp-On CT


LoRaWAN wireless three-phase current detection Easy installation with Clamp-On CT Remotely accessing real-time data helps energy management decisions Battery-operated device with split-core current transformer for precise measurements 3+ Year Battery Life (20 readings per day) 10km wireless range


Use Case Applications:

Manufacturing Facilities: Monitor production line, machine, and equipment energy consumption in manufacturing plants. Companies can optimize production, reduce operational expenses, and save energy by detecting inefficiencies and energy waste. Office Buildings: Helps property managers and building owners track energy use in large office complexes. This data can help minimize energy use in lights, HVAC, and office equipment, saving money and improving sustainability. Retail Stores and Shopping Malls: Helps store and mall owners understand energy consumption patterns. This data can optimize store layouts, lighting systems, and HVAC operations, reducing energy expenditures and improving customer experiences. Data Centers: Operators monitor energy usage across systems and implement energy-efficient techniques to reduce energy consumption, operational costs, and building efficiency.

Additional information

Brand Netvox
Model R718N37
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
Certification FCC