Netvox R718PQ-Wireless Short-Range Occupancy Sensor


Wireless occupancy sensor Short-range detection Easy installation Low power consumption Compatible with LoRaWAN network Ideal for smart building automation Accurate detection of human presence


Use Case Applications:

Office Space Management: The Netvox R718PQ wireless short-range occupancy sensor can be used to monitor the occupancy of individual workstations, conference rooms, and other areas within an office space. This data can be used to optimize space utilization, reduce energy costs, and improve overall workplace efficiency. Retail Analytics: Retailers can use the Netvox R718PQ sensor to track customer traffic patterns and monitor the occupancy of different areas within a store. This data can be used to optimize store layouts, improve customer flow, and increase sales. Healthcare Facilities: The Netvox R718PQ sensor can be used in healthcare facilities to monitor the occupancy of patient rooms, waiting areas, and other areas within the facility. This data can be used to optimize patient flow, reduce wait times, and improve overall patient satisfaction.

Additional information

Brand Netvox
Model R718PQ
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