Multitech Cellular Outdoor Gateway ATT/VZN


Outdoor cellular gateway External high gain antenna increases LoRa connectivity to remote assets Greatly expands LoRa network coverage High-quality, low-cost support Provides reliable wireless connectivity Ideal for remote monitoring and control applications Easy to install and configure


Use Case Applications:

Remote monitoring and control of industrial equipment: The Multitech Cellular Outdoor Gateway can be used to remotely monitor and control industrial equipment such as pumps, generators, and HVAC systems. This can help businesses reduce downtime, improve efficiency, and save on maintenance costs. Smart city applications: The gateway can be used to connect various sensors and devices in a smart city network, such as traffic cameras, air quality sensors, and streetlights. This can help cities improve public safety, reduce traffic congestion, and enhance overall quality of life for residents. Agricultural monitoring and control: The gateway can be used to remotely monitor and control agricultural equipment such as irrigation systems, weather stations, and soil moisture sensors. This can help farmers optimize crop yields, reduce water usage, and improve overall efficiency.

Additional information

Brand Multitech
Model MTCDTIP-L4N1-266A-915
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
IP Rating IP67
Certification FCC