MCF88 Weather Station


LoRaWAN enabled weather station Accurate, reliable weather monitoring with real-time data Rugged, weather-proof housing gives you years of reliable data Weather station includes outside temperature and humidity sensors in a passive radiation shield, wind speed and direction, and rainfall. Solar-powered with battery back-up


Use Case Applications:

Smart Agriculture: The weather station offers real-time data for irrigation management, pest control, and crop planning. It also provides air quality monitoring, influencing decisions for plant and animal health. Industry: Precise weather data ensures safety in sectors like construction, mining, and renewables, aiding in work scheduling, machinery operation, and pollution monitoring. It can also assist in managing solar power plant output. Smart City: The station provides real-time localized weather data for traffic management, energy optimization, and emergency planning. Its air quality monitoring aids in pollution control and public health initiatives. Waste Station Control: The weather station supports odor management through temperature and wind tracking, gas formation monitoring through barometric pressure data, air quality management, and rainfall-based waste transportation planning.

Additional information

Brand MCF88
Model MCF-LWWS00-001
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