Lansitec Container Tracker


A device for tracking shipping containers GPS technology for accurate location tracking Real-time monitoring of container movement and status Long battery life for extended use Easy installation and setup process Compatibility with various container types and sizes Remote access and control through a mobile app or web portal


Use Case Applications:

Supply Chain Management: The Lansitec Container Tracker can be used to track the movement of containers in real-time, providing valuable data to supply chain managers. This can help optimize logistics, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency. Asset Tracking: The device can also be used to track other types of assets, such as vehicles, machinery, and equipment. This can help businesses keep track of their assets, prevent theft, and improve maintenance schedules. Cargo Security: The Lansitec Container Tracker can be used to monitor the security of cargo during transportation. This can help prevent theft, damage, and loss of goods, which can be costly for businesses. The device can also provide alerts in case of any unauthorized access or tampering.

Additional information

Brand Lansitec
Model Container Tracker
IP Rating IP68