Irisys Staff Detection Lanyard IWC6205-50


A wearable device for staff detection Lanyard design for easy wearing Compatible with Irisys systems Helps monitor staff presence and activity Can improve security and efficiency in workplaces Durable and long-lasting construction Easy to set up and use


Use Case Applications:

Employee Attendance Tracking: The Irisys Staff Detection Lanyard can be used to track employee attendance in commercial settings such as offices, factories, and warehouses. The lanyard can detect when an employee enters or leaves a designated area, providing accurate attendance data for payroll and HR purposes. Security and Access Control: The lanyard can be used as a security measure to restrict access to certain areas of a commercial building. The device can detect when an unauthorized person enters a restricted area and trigger an alarm or alert security personnel. Retail Analytics: The Irisys Staff Detection Lanyard can be used in retail settings to track customer traffic and behavior. The device can detect when a customer enters or leaves a store, providing valuable data on foot traffic, customer flow, and shopping patterns. This information can be used to optimize store layouts, improve customer experience, and increase sales.

Additional information

Brand Irisys
Model IWC6205-50