Indoor air quality monitor Measures volatile organic compounds (VOCs) Real-time monitoring and alerts Easy-to-read LCD display Compact and portable design Can be used in hospitals, offices, and other indoor spaces Helps identify potential health hazards and improve air quality


Use Case Applications:

Indoor air quality monitoring in commercial buildings: The Elsys ERS VOC can be used to monitor the levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in indoor air, which can help identify potential sources of indoor air pollution and improve the overall air quality in commercial buildings. Industrial process monitoring: The Elsys ERS VOC can be used to monitor VOC emissions in industrial processes, such as manufacturing and chemical production, to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and improve worker safety. HVAC system optimization: The Elsys ERS VOC can be used to monitor the air quality in HVAC systems and adjust ventilation rates to maintain optimal indoor air quality while minimizing energy consumption. This can help reduce energy costs and improve occupant comfort in commercial buildings.

Additional information

Brand Elsys
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Certification CE;FCC