Dragino LSN50v2-S31B – LoRaWAN Temperature & Humidity Sensor


Measures and reports real-time temperature and humidity levels wirelessly using LoRaWAN Measure range -40°C ~ 80°C Waterproof anti-condensation enclosure for outdoor use. A single battery can power the sensor for up to 10 years. Notifies when temperature or humidity limitations are exceeded. Its durability, ease of deployment, and long battery life make it ideal for industrial and commercial temperature and humidity monitoring


Use Case Applications:

Agriculture: The sensor can measure greenhouse and field temperatures and humidity. Farmers can receive notifications when temperatures or humidity surpass predefined criteria by transmitting real-time data wirelessly. This lets farmers quickly modify greenhouse ventilation or irrigation to prevent crop loss and optimize development. Pharmaceutical Industry: The LSN50v2-S31B monitors temperature and humidity in pharmaceutical storage and transit. The sensor can be placed inside containers or refrigerators to maintain safe temperatures and humidity. Any variation from the permitted levels can generate an alarm that prompts urgent corrective action to prevent pharmaceutical product deterioration. Data centers: The sensor monitors temperature and humidity. High heat and humidity can damage computers and data storage. Server rooms and data centers can use the LSN50v2-S31B to monitor temperature and humidity in real-time and inform IT workers when conditions exceed safe levels, preventing damage.

Additional information

Brand Dragino
Model LSN50v2-S31B
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