Digital Matter G62 GPS Tracker


GPS tracking capabilities Long battery life Compact and durable design Real-time location updates Multiple input/output options for customization Easy installation and setup process


Use Case Applications:

Fleet Management: The Digital Matter G62 GPS Tracker can be used to track and manage fleets of vehicles, allowing businesses to monitor the location, speed, and performance of their vehicles in real-time. This can help improve efficiency, reduce fuel costs, and enhance overall fleet safety. Asset Tracking: The G62 can also be used to track and monitor valuable assets such as construction equipment, trailers, and shipping containers. This can help businesses keep track of their assets, prevent theft, and ensure that they are being used efficiently. Personal Safety: The G62 can be used to track the location of individuals, such as employees working in remote or hazardous locations, or elderly or vulnerable individuals who may require monitoring for safety reasons.

Additional information

Brand Digital Matter
Model G62
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
IP Rating IP67