Dewalt Tool Connect™ Tag


Compact and durable tracking device that can be attached to any tool or equipment Uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology allowing users to easily locate their tools and equipment Long battery life Designed to withstand harsh job site conditions and is water and dust resistant Save time and money by reducing the risk of lost or stolen tools and equipment


Use Case Applications:

Asset tracking and management: The Dewalt BLE Tag can be used to track and manage assets such as tools, equipment, and vehicles in commercial settings. This can help businesses keep track of their inventory, prevent loss or theft, and improve overall efficiency. Employee safety and security: The Dewalt BLE Tag can also be used to monitor employee safety and security in commercial settings. For example, it can be attached to safety equipment such as hard hats or harnesses to ensure that employees are wearing them properly. It can also be used to track the location of employees in hazardous or remote work environments.

Additional information

Brand Dewalt
Model DCE041-25
IP Rating IP68