Cooper Atkins Heavy Duty Needle- 8″, 18″, or 24″ Needle Lengths


Heavy duty needle Available in 8″, 18″, or 24″ lengths Durable construction for long-lasting use Ideal for use in commercial kitchens or industrial settings Can be used for a variety of tasks, such as checking the temperature of large cuts of meat or monitoring the temperature of industrial equipment Easy to clean and sanitize for food safety compliance Compatible with Cooper Atkins thermometers for accurate temperature readings


Use Case Applications:

Meat Processing: The Cooper Atkins Heavy Duty Needle is commonly used in meat processing facilities to check the internal temperature of large cuts of meat, such as beef or pork roasts. The different needle lengths allow for accurate temperature readings at various depths within the meat. Bakery: Bakers use the Cooper Atkins Heavy Duty Needle to test the internal temperature of baked goods, such as bread or cakes, to ensure they are fully cooked and safe for consumption. The long needle length is especially useful for testing the center of larger baked items. Food Service: The Cooper Atkins Heavy Duty Needle is also used in commercial kitchens and restaurants to check the temperature of soups, stews, and other hot dishes. The durable construction of the needle allows for repeated use in high-volume food service environments.

Additional information

Brand Cooper Atkins
Model 50143-8-18-24K