BOB Assistant Predictive Maintenance Sensor


Intelligent: Through the use of rapid learning and advanced analysis algorithms, BOB is able to effectively monitor equipment and provide timely alerts online or via mobile devices Connected: Makes use of the LoRa® network for seamless IoT integration, ensuring maximum range, low energy consumption, and long battery life Simple: Simple installation requires no infrastructure, wiring, or configuration; simply mount BOB to the equipment and enjoy years of independent operation Secure: Protects your equipment production data by storing it locally and sending encrypted scan reports to the cloud for added security


Use Case Applications:

Manufacturing Plants: BOB assistant sensors can monitor the performance of assembly lines, production machinery, and robotic systems, identifying early signs of wear and tear and predicting potential breakdowns, allowing for more timely maintenance and reduced downtime. Energy Sector: BOB sensors can monitor critical equipment such as generators, transformers, and inverters in power plants, wind turbines, and solar farms. These sensors can ensure optimal equipment performance, improve energy efficiency, and prevent unexpected outages by predicting potential issues. Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities: BOB sensors are used to monitor pumps, valves, and filtration systems, predicting equipment failures and assisting in the scheduling of preventive maintenance. This could lead to more efficient operations, lower maintenance costs, and better environmental compliance.

Additional information

Brand Eolane
Model EOS600011040-USN
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
IP Rating IP68
Certification CE