AgoraOpinion 3-Button Satisfaction Terminal


User-friendly with large, color-coded buttons for quick and effortless customer feedback Real-time insights that integrate with existing systems for data-driven decision-making Durable casing for high-traffic environments, battery operated for versatile placement Increase customer satisfaction by identifying areas of improvement Ideal for restaurants, retail stores, and service centers


Use Case Applications:

Restaurant feedback: Position the Agora Opinion Terminal near the exit or payment counter to gather customer feedback on food quality, service, and overall dining experience, helping to identify areas for improvement. Retail store evaluation: Install the terminal at key locations in retail stores to collect customer opinions on product variety, pricing, store layout, and staff assistance, empowering informed decisions for enhancing the shopping experience. Customer service centers: Such as banks or telecommunications offices, use the terminal to evaluate satisfaction with the assistance provided, wait times, and issue resolution, directing improvements in service quality. Event venues: Use the terminal to collect attendee feedback on event organization or entertainment value at conferences, trade shows, or large venue events, assisting in refining future events for increased satisfaction. Transportation hubs: Place the terminal in airports, train stations, or bus terminals to collect feedback from travelers on facilities, cleanliness, signage, and overall experience, allowing for targeted improvements to improve commuter satisfaction.

Additional information

Brand AgoraOpinion
Model Actio
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
IP Rating IP64
Certification CE