panic button

Alert System

Violent incidents
are on the rise

Every year there are hundreds of thousands of assaults and violent crimes that take place in schools, hotels, hospitals, and places of worship.

Provide peace of mind

Ensure employee and customer safety in emergencies. From hotel cleaning staff, classroom teachers, hospital personnel, students, and more.

Staff safety at the
press of a button

We offer a variety of panic buttons for any scenario, wall mounted, under desks, and on-the-go security lanyards.

Alert the right people in
any critical situation

At the push of a button, text alerts are sent to staff and security personnel, increasing emergency response time.

  • Alerts
  • Apps
  • Reports
  • Actions

Provide help at the
right time

Receive text messages and
email alerts when buttons
are pushed, and help is

Monitor security
status from anywhere

Remotely monitor personnel
safety around the clock with
our iOS, Android, and Web

Automated Reporting

Receive daily, weekly,
custom date, or on-demand
panic button activity reports
by email.

Corrective Actions

Document actions taken to
resolve panic alert
situations. Responses are
included in alert activity

Panic Alert Security for:


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