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  • Refrigeration Monitoring

    Monitor temperature conditions of walk-in coolers, freezers, and other food storage areas to maintain proper food safety. Plus, door open/close monitoring.

  • Ambient Room Monitoring

    Spikes in temperature and humidity can cause damage to equipment, materials, and goods. Monitor ambient conditions of rooms to ensure inventory protection.

  • Door Monitoring

    Get notified when a door is opened or closed for a length of time. If a monitored door has been open for 10 minutes, a text message alerts security to close the door.

  • Motion Detection

    Detects the movement of people, animals, and objects indoors in real-time while monitoring ambient temperature and light to track occupancy and ensure comfort.

  • Outdoor Temperature Monitoring

    Temperature monitoring for sheds, barns and other outdoor environments to protect livestock and other valuable assets dependent on temperature condition.

  • Panic Button Alert System

    Ensure employee and customer safety. Place buttons on walls, under desks, or on lanyards, when activated text message and email alerts are sent in case of emergencies

  • Leak Detection

    Avoid costly repairs. Receive alerts when water is detected in areas where appliances are present; such as water heaters, sinks, utility closets, and bathrooms.

  • Service Request (Single Button)

    When stock needs refilling, staff and customers alike push the button next to the items. An alert is sent, and an order to replenishment is sent to the appropriate party to fulfill.

  • Door Barricade Monitoring

    Increase staff protection during dangerous intruder events. Know when a lockdown is triggered, remotely visualize the building, and take swift action. Works with NightLock.

  • Smoke Detection

    Wireless smoke sensors with 3+ year battery life is an ideal way to stay compliant without the complexity of wiring. Superior range, easier install, and more secure than Wifi.

  • Waste/Bin Monitoring

    Designed for indoor or outdoor bin status detection. Wireless sensor retrofits to your existing bins. It detects and alerts on statuses for full/empty, flame risk, or inclined (fall).

  • Desk Occupancy

    Sensors are placed underneath tables to determine when and how long people are sitting at a table or desk. Useful when trying to determine how often space is being utilized.

  • Gas Monitoring

    Wireless sensors measure CO2 and any other gases PPM (Parts Per Million). These are typically special built sensors that are designed for particular use cases.

  • Feedback/Survey Monitoring

    Place a small, customizable connected dashboard or button in any area where customer feedback is essential. Collect feedback effortlessly.

  • Tank Level Monitoring

    Sensors are used for measuring grain bins, water levels, and locations where the sensor is above a surface that may rise or fall over time. Receive alerts and reports about the levels.

  • Service Request (Double Button)

    2-Button sensors to place in any facility requesting the replenishment of items or of services such as IT and maintenance. A simple push is all you need for a request.

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