Monitor any type of waste in bins and containers

The sensors are ultrasonic, robust, water and shock resistant, fully functional within wide temperature range

Smart bin monitoring solution for commercial facilities

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    Long range wireless connectivity

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    2000mAh long-life battery

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    IP68 rated rugged shell

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    Ultrasonic technology

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Monitor bins in real-time

Mobile and desktop applications that inform staff about levels in monitored bins.

Easily locate bins
Prevent bin overflows
Optimize collection routes
  • Alerts
  • Apps
  • Reports
  • Sensor maps

Get notified when bins are full

Unlimited recipients can receive text messages and email alerts of bin levels.

Monitor bin levels from anywhere

Remotely monitor bin levels anytime and anywhere with our iOS, Android, and Web apps.

Automated reports

Receive daily, weekly, or custom range reports by email that can be used to document your bin levels.

Visualize Bin Levels

Monitor any number of bins in near realtime on a map.

Bin level tracking for:



What does the Waste Bin Level Monitoring Solution detect?

It detects the following statuses: Full, Empty, Flame risk, Inclined (fall).

Do I have to be present to check the status?

No! You can check the status of one or more waste bins remotely through your phone, server, etc.

What are the benefits of the Waste Bin Level Monitoring Solution?
  • Cost and Time Savings
    Reduce waste collection frequency, dramatically enabling savings on labor costs.
  • Monitor Any Solid Waste
    The wireless fill-level sensor can be attached to any type of bin to monitor any type of waste.
  • Dynamic Trends
    Optimizes waste collection schedules based on real-time and historical data, providing data for predictive analytics.
  • Additional Bin Status
    It detects and alerts on other bin statuses such as flame risk and bin incline if it falls.
What can the Waste Bin Level Monitoring Solution do for my facility?

The Waste Bin Level Monitoring Solution will make monitoring and trash cans or waste bins easy and remote for your business, organization or clients.

How does the Waste Bin Level Monitoring Solution work?

The Waste Bin Level Monitoring Solution monitors if bins are full, empty, have a flame risk, or are at an incline that they, and your waste, may fall over and spill. You are informed on these statuses so that you may deploy the appropriate personnel or teams to take care of the levels.

Who should use the Waste Bin Level Monitoring Solution?

The Waste Bin Level Monitoring Solution is the perfect solution for any organization that has, cares for, or maintains multiple bins.

How many of Waste Bin Level Monitoring Solution Sensors can be deployed?

An unlimited number of the Waste Bin Level Monitoring Solution sensors can be deployed. The sensors send data to a secure server that is then transmitted through an application that sends alerts to your phone, tablet or desktop computer.

How long does it take to install the Waste Bin Level Monitoring Solution?

Solutions are designed with QR code provisioning for plug-and-play installation. Simply scan the QR codes using the IoT in a Box app, install the sensors, and start monitoring. Total installation time will vary based on deployment size.

Do the Sensors have to be plugged in?

No. Our sensors are wireless and battery operated.

How many alert recipients are supported?

The Waste Bin Level Monitoring Solution can support an unlimited number of alert recipients.

Can the bin level sensor work inside and outside?

Yes, the Waste Bin Level Monitoring Solution is designed for bin status detection of waste for indoor and outdoor bins.

How long does the battery last?

The application has a very low power consumption. The internal battery life is approximately 3+ years.

Are there limitations on what type of waste bins the Waste Bin Level Monitoring Solution will work in?

The Waste Bin Level Monitoring Solution may be used in open and covered waste bin with no problem in detection or fill status.

How is our data protected?

Your privacy and security are top priorities for us. Ur Waste Bin Level Monitoring Solution protects data from end-to-end using AES 128-bit data encryption.

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