Vutility Voltdrop Direct


Revenue-grade 2% accuracy spec Supports systems from 85-277 volts/phase Magnetically mounted, conduit-less install, discreetly fits inside panel Non-intrusive, volt-safe tap delivers real-time voltage with no external wiring Flexible 24” Rogowski Coils (3x) fit a wide range of cable sizes Secure dual-cypher encrypted LoRaWAN IoT network Safely operable between -40º – 185º F


Use Case Applications:

Building Management: Get better insights into energy consumption in your building or group of buildings easily. The VoltDrop combined with HotDrops provides data to help you manage critical assets, mitigate unnecessary energy loss, and improve overall efficiencies. Tenant Management: Understand how each tenant is consuming energy and improve billing efforts with accurate data. Use VoltDrop and HotDrops to scale sub-metering efforts and gain granular insight into your tenants. ‍Sustainability Efforts‍: Improving your company’s sustainability efforts is easier when you can easily see trends and forecast usage. Minute-by-minute data will help you find wins and losses in reducing your organization’s carbon footprint.

Additional information

Brand Vutility
Model VoltDrop
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