Ursalink Ultrasonic Distance/Level Sensor (0.3-5m)


Ultrasonic technology Distance measurement Level measurement Range of 0.3-5m Accurate readings Easy installation Durable design


Use Case Applications:

Tank level monitoring: The Ursalink Ultrasonic Distance/Level Sensor can be used to monitor the level of liquids in tanks, such as water, oil, or chemicals. This is useful in industries such as agriculture, oil and gas, and chemical processing. Parking guidance systems: The sensor can be used in parking garages to detect the presence of vehicles and determine the number of available parking spaces. This information can be displayed on electronic signs to guide drivers to available spots. Conveyor belt monitoring: The sensor can be used to measure the distance between objects on a conveyor belt, ensuring that they are properly spaced and preventing collisions. This is useful in industries such as manufacturing and logistics.

Additional information

Brand Ursalink
Model EM500-UDL-W050
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
IP Rating IP67
Certification FCC