Ursalink CO2 Sensor


Measures carbon dioxide levels Suitable for indoor air quality monitoring Provides real-time data Easy to install and use Helps improve energy efficiency Ideal for use in offices, schools, and more


Use Case Applications:

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring: Ursalink CO2 Sensor can be used in commercial buildings, offices, schools, and hospitals to monitor the indoor air quality and ensure that the CO2 levels are within safe limits. This can help improve the health and productivity of occupants. HVAC Control: The Ursalink CO2 Sensor can be integrated with HVAC systems to control the ventilation rates based on the CO2 levels. This can help reduce energy consumption and improve indoor air quality. Greenhouse Monitoring: The Ursalink CO2 Sensor can be used in greenhouses to monitor the CO2 levels and ensure that the plants are getting enough carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. This can help improve the yield and quality of crops.

Additional information

Brand Ursalink
Model EM500-CO2
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
IP Rating IP66
Certification CE