Synetica enLink OAQ-C Wireless Outdoor Air Quality Monitor with CO2 Monitoring


LoRaWAN outdoor air quality sensor Detailed, accurate measurements Key environmental parameters monitored Tough, weatherproof design for extended instrument longevity Easy system set up LoRa™ wireless, up to 16km range MCERTS certified particulate matter sensor


Use Case Applications:

Industrial facilities: Monitoring air quality in factories and manufacturing plants is crucial to protect worker health and safety, as high levels of CO emissions can pose a hazard. Construction sites: Construction sites often have elevated levels of dust and other air pollutants, which can harm workers and nearby residents. Monitoring air quality helps ensure a safe environment and minimize health risks. Urban areas: Monitoring air quality in urban areas is important due to pollution sources such as traffic emissions. This information aids city planners and policymakers in developing strategies to reduce air pollution and improve public health.

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